Mommy Harriet
is waiting to talk to you...

Her kind, wise eyes tell you a lot about Mommy Harriet
and why you might want to talk to her, too.

    She is in fact a warm, gentle, loving lady who knows many, if not most, of the ups and downs of the life of the Adult Baby -  the wonderful stuff, the comfortable stuff and the stuff that's a little harder to cope with. She understands that a good baby should be told they're good. She knows that sometimes they're just full of news... ...and that sometimes Adult Babies may have a tough day.

    She comes by her understanding honestly. Her own two children are now grown and leading lives full of discovery and dimension. Their journey continues to be a great joy for Harriet. She spent a number of years as a children’s librarian. She will occasionally, for no apparent reason, launch into impassioned short recitations of passages from favourite storybooks. She says simply that she was The Saturday Story Lady and she misses it. There is apparently too a desire to return to the stage with an amateur theatre troupe.

    She also worked in the energy health field. Recently she completed her Reiki teacher’s certification.

    But perhaps most importantly, a few years ago she spent a year and a bit as a baby girl. It was highly satisfying and equally instructive, teaching her many things, primarily a lot about the joys and challenges of total dependence on other people.

    Having been down that road Harriet learned what it feels like to be an Adult baby.  She doesn’t have the T-shirt. She does have her favourite bear and bottle tucked away in her closet

    As people in alternative lifestyles do sometimes, she evolved into a more adult submissive persona. Harriet is now well liked and well respected in the regional alternative lifestyle community as a Ds submissive/switch. The AL community here is very embracive of the many layers and nuances of individual expression. It is a rich, vivid tapestry of human spirits and a very neat place to explore your own “thing”.

    And it was in fact, a member of the community who suggested all this- Cutest One Of All- over desert here. He is the oddly shaped man we talk about in our “About Us” page. He helped us take it from the “wouldn’t  it be nice if” stage and still offers advice fairly regularly to Harriet.  Millicent has made him a couple of really nice rompers with pockets on the front big enough for his smokes. And it all happens in the extraordinary house that Harriet bought, a spacious 1860’s Victorian in a little village. It’s full of laughter, music and activity.

    A mannequin in a bright corner upstairs is generally clad in adult baby garments. 2 closets are full of baby clothes. It’s a little chaotic by times, so Harriet retreats to her quiet study to talk on the telephone. Although you can’t see it on the phone, think of an ample bosom and big shoulders to go with the warm voice, genuine interest and a firm desire to
 nurture and mother Adult Babies

    She also knows that sometimes Mommies need to deal in a nurturing but very firm way with babies who do naughty things. 

    And she knows that sometimes Adult Babies want to talk about the old stuff that still might scare them a little bit.

    Before your first phone call, you might think about talking to Mommy Harriet on the phone for a few minutes or sending her an e-mail so she'll have a good idea of how to make that first phone call as special as it can be.  Would you like to call her or would you like her to call you? What would you like to talk about? What would you like her to call you? Would you like her to be gentle or stern?

    Something you don’t have to talk about is discretion. That’s a given. Please be assured that Mommy Harriet believes strongly in discretion and privacy.

    Whether you talk to Mommy Harriet first thing in the morning to help you say Hello to the day, in the evening when you have lots to talk about or in the middle of the day when you just need a hug from Mommy, a chat with Mommy Harriet will make a baby's life brighter and happier.

    Any serious housekeeping talk is handled by e-mail or another phone call, not during your Mommy Harriet time.  And though we have package rates, it might be an idea for you to think about going for one call at a time untill you're really comfortable with Mommy Harriet, although we're pretty sure you'll like her a lot. 


The Housekeeping Stuff     

Mommy Harriet is generally available between 9:00am and 9:00pm (Eastern time) every day,
subject, of course to her being already busy. It is a great idea to book an appointment. You can
book your appointment by e-mail.

 The cost to talk to Mommy Harriet is $30.00us for 15 minutes,
$55.00 for one half hour.
You can also prepay a one hour block of time for $100.00
(a $20.00 saving) or a two hour block for $185.00 (a $55.00 saving).
Nice features of the prepayment are that each call within that time
can be as long or as short as you'd like. And you can divide up the hours as you wish.
Most times you and Mommy Harriet can play it by ear as the calls progress, so you

don't have to decide now how long they will be.
 Or perhaps you have an idea for a number of wake-up or goodnight calls. 
Or maybe you'd want to speak to Harriet when you’ve got things
on your mind, stuff you want to talk about.

 Calls can be paid by Credit Card through PayPal.
You don’t need to be a PayPal member to do this.
We use PayPal because it's much more private and secure for you.
We don't find out any of your credit card information.
Your credit card will be billed from the Sutherland Witter Group

You can also pay by certified check, money order or if you are
in Canada by e-mail money transfer.

Any questions please e-mail
Mommy and she'll be happy to talk to you.
or call us at (506) 536-4066

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