Adult Baby Furniture

We like to think we sew nice adult baby clothes. People seem to really enjoy them once they get them. Recently, we’ve started looking for other things that make sense for our on-line shop, things that adult babies will really enjoy and are, in fact, a good value.

We thought of producing adult baby furniture here. From what we’ve been able to figure out making it is a balance of look, strength and an understanding of the way an adult baby can get in and out of it easily. And sometimes you’ve got to give some thought to making it fit into a room

There are a half-dozen excellent woodworking shops and welders in our area that already produce really good custom furniture. So we spoke to them, only to find out they didn’t really understand all the special details that go in to making adult baby furniture.

Then Gerald (that would be me) and Miss Sutherland began a correspondence with (See link below)  Their furniture was featured in one of our favourite CSI episodes, "Baby King." (Grissom seems like a very nice man and really likes creepy crawlies). If you go to their site, you’ll see more on that.

You’ll also see a wonderful selection of well designed, well built adult baby furniture. They’ve been around for a while. They know how to make it, and just as important, they know how to make sure it gets to you. The testimonials tell the story.



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