Adult baby hypnosis
Adult babies who want to wet their diapers

In this 30 minuite mp3 audio,  you will hear Mommy Harriet's gentle voice
take you to a wonderfully relaxed  and suggestable state of mind.

You want to wet your diapers - you know you do.

Mommy Harriet can help put you in that frame of mind.
This is a recording that you will want to listen to over and over again
In fact for the best results you should listen often.  Bed wetting
and diaper wetting won't happen immediately.  It takes a bit
of time to train yourself.  You can do it.

Mommy likes to think of this as a relaxation tape as much as hypnosis.
Play it to help reduce your stress level. It contains stress release
tracks and some subliminal overlay to give even more
reinforcement for your desire to wet your diaper.

For a sample of Mommy's voice
click here

We had a few problems with folks trying to download so we are now
offering a hardcopy of the CD to be sent right
to your door. Of course you can still download it immediately
Please let us know if you do not want a copy sent to you.

30 Minutes of Mommy Harriet for only $14.95


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Hypnosis is a Neutral force neither good nor bad
Enjoy it

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